Unlimited Quantity, Premium Clones

Golden Roots Nursery can give you what you want, when you want it! 

We offer Clone Flats and Teens for our commercial partners in any strain, any quantity, and in any frequency.

No more mixing and matching. 

Clones can be grown in Flats from 50/tray to 72/tray. Rooting media can be customized in Rockwool, Elliepots, Oasis or Q-plugs.


Teens can be potted up in the same growing medium used for rooting, or placed in our soilless medium pots. We use air pruning technology to ensure you have a fibrous root structure. This avoids root swirling at the bottom of the container. Our teens are grown out for a minimum of 28 days.

We are located in Colusa California!

Why Tissue Culture Cloning?

A Clean Start

Any time growers bring in new seeds, transplants, or clones they run the risk of introducing a new fungus, pest, virus or undesired genetics into their gardens. Even with the most dedicated integrated pest management (IPM) program, pests and diseases can be transmitted unknowingly using traditional propagation methods.


Tissue culture cloning has a built-in process that eliminates pests, fungus, and mold while preparing the plant tissue for cloning. A grower can be certain the generation to come will have a clean start. Considering some of the most devastating pests in the industry can hide behind the width of a human hair and are smaller than dust mites, you want to be certain you are not propagating them around the site, or worse, trading them. With traditional cuttings, mother plants are used, but with tissue culture all cuttings are grown in a sterile environment, ensuring a clean start every time!



We have been doing this for a while.... Golden Roots Nursery is an experienced Northern California based tissue cloning company that has delivered millions of clones on schedule across the Walnut, Almond, Pistachio and Peach industry. We have experience with handling proprietary genetics for our clients.


Capable of producing volume production quantities, we specialize in cannabis clone delivery for large-scale growers. We look to bring reliability and expertise to a rapidly growing cannabis industry that needs the quality assurance and scalability that tissue cultured clones offer.


Need 5,000 clones of the same strain delivered on the same day each month? With Golden Roots Nursery, all this and much more is possible.


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