Golden Roots Nursery offers container grown plants.
The advantage of our potted plants are several when compared to traditional bare root planting.

Tissue Culture Cloning

Non-Soil Media:
From the day your plants are cloned at our onsite laboratory, they are placed in a sterile media. Once ready to root, they are again placed in a non-soil mix. Upon delivery to your field, you have a plant which has been produced in virgin soilless media, helping reduce any field contamination from nursery soil diseases

Field Preparation:
Containerized Plants can be planted any time of the year. This allows farmers more time prepare the ground, especially in an orchard replant. No need to fight the mud or time as you would have with bareroot trees, and no need to risk cold storage survivability issues. Potted plants survive excellent in Spring, Fall and Winter plantings. Planting can be done with just a shovel in a property prepared field!

Golden Roots Nursery

Root Architecture:
 Trees are placed in a specialized container which “air-prunes” the roots. This air-pruning creates a more dense, fibrous and uniform root mass. It also reduces root circling. A more fibrous root mass means more root tips, which increases the absorption of water and nutrients. It also increases transplant survivability, and vigor of your tree. Your roots are not being ripped from the ground, which cuts the roots and increases chances for disease such as crown gall. With potted plants you are planting an entire uncut root mass